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Research And Development

Birth of Research Group in 1992

CELL-GEN Mineral Clay was discovered by Dr. NISHIMUTA TADASHI (Kurume University, Kyushu). He pionereed the research and was backed by Dr Hideo Minato (Tokyo University) and his Team of 22 Japanese comprising of Doctors and Specialist from Tokyo University, Kyushu University, Kurume University, Osaka University of Pharmacology, Tsukuba University, Hyogo University and CELL-GEN Research Group.

Researched over 9 years, cost more than US$9 million, product using CELL-GEN Mineral Clay were developed and tested. Approval was obtained from the Ministry of Health of Japan. Products for health and wellness, anti-ageing and medical application was formulated to provide potent efficacy.

CELL-GEN’S  21st Century State of the Art Japan Technology & Production
Good Planning & Control,Latest State of the Art Technology, Good Manufacturing Practice, Comprehensive R&D, Strict & Consistent Quality Control

Today, the following products are available to the public in general:

  • CELL-GEN A.H. Water System
  • CELL-GEN Travel Buddy and Water Pitcher Jug
  • CELL-GEn SKin Care Range
The Late Dr Nishimuta Tadashi (Qualified Medical Doctor, Surgeon, Bone Specialist, Orthopedic Specialist), in 1964, he represented the Japanese Government in international petroleum negotiations with the Government of Mexico. During his time as Orthopedic Surgeon, KURUME University, Faculty of Medicine, Head of Doctor, NISHIMUTA Orthopedic Center (Kyushu, Japan), he discovered that most of his patients, they sufferent thinning of their bone due to lack of mineralization and bone calcification. Thus, he pioneered the Research Team of CELL-GEN Mineral, CELL-GEN Water and CELL-GEN Mineral Products.
A Japanese national, now 94 years young & Doctorate in Science and Physics, Dean of Faculty of Science, Dept. of Mineralogy & Geology, Tokyo University. He received an Award as a Special Commendation for his research & contribution towards Environmental Protection in Korea.
Head of Department, Faculty of DNA and Cellular Studies, Kyushu University, Specialist on Activated Hydrogen Water, Team member of CELL-GEN Mineral Research Group of CELL-GEN Studies and testing conducted by Dr. SHIRAHATA indicated that CELL-GEN mineral provides water with very high proportion of Activated Hydrogen Properties.


Specialist on Atomic Energy and Water Specialist cum Researcher, Tsukuba University of Atomic Energy

Ex-CHANCELLOR of KYUSHU UNIVERSITY, Dr. OTSUKA and 20 Other Japanese Specialists particularly the Ex-Chancellor of Kyushu University (After 15 years Cancer Patient Survivor), Water Specialist cum Consultant to the Japanese Government Water Board, Radio Active Technology, Engineers, Marine Biologist, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Bio-Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, Marine Biologist from Tokyo University, Kyushu University, Tsukuba University, Osaka University, KURUME University and CELL-GEN Research Group.


SAN-SHO PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES of Japan was assigned and sub-contracted to combine the product formulation and physical production of CELL-GEN Tablet “Perpetual Health Food Supplement”.

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