Testimonial From Malaysia


1. Skin Allergy - Eczema

Primary 1 (7 years old School Boy)

Young boy, suffered from chronic eczema, this boy felt social pressure and shafeful to attend school. His mother said that every morning, he would put up excuses and reluctance to attend school because of his bad skin condition. His other school friends mocked him and despise him. During recess breaktime, most of the other school kids would sit at least 10ft away from him, if they see him sitting at the canteen to have his break snack. After 4 months of taking CELL-GEn ASHITABA tablet, drank CELL-GEN Water, his skin condition improved tremenduously. After his mum too khim to their usual skin specialist, they could not believe that his skin condition became cleared and no longer suffered from eczema. They were very happy.

The last we hear from his parents, every morning he would wake up by 6am, take his breakfast and will be waiting for his dad to send him to school.

2. High Blood Pressure, Fatigue

Mrs. S. Maniam 40 years young. (Penang) Factory Employee cum Housewife with 3 children

I have high blood pressure 180/130. I worked in a factory at Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone, Penang. I have to walk 5 floors upstairs to the place I work because the factory building which does not have any elevator. I usually could not walk upstairs without having to take a short rest in between floors. I worked midnight shift and usually when I reach home at 7am, I have to rush to prepare breakfast for my husband and my children

My husband’s friend recommended me to take CELGEN tablet. After taking 4 tablets each in the morning and in the evening for ONE month, I started to be able to walk up to my workplace with lesser short breaks. When I have a medical check up with my Company’s Panel of Doctors, he told me that my blood pressure have become normal and stable, so I do not need to take any more medication for my high blood pressure. But he advised me to watch my diet and avoid unnecessary stress.  Thank you to CELGEN, I do not have to take any more medication to control my high blood pressure.

3. Menopause, High Blood Pressure, Arthrithis, Constipation

Mrs. Loke 63 years young. (Penang) Canteen Operator

I have high blood pressure and menopause symptoms like hot flashes, dry skin, eye sight degenerating, difficult to have sound sleep, mild osteo-arthritis. All my life, I have constipation problem. On average, I go the toilet to pass motion about 2 times per week. I have difficulty walking because I feel my legs very weak and lack of energy with joint pains. I have been on medication for my blood pressure and hormone balance steroid given by Penang Law Wah Ee Hospital and Island Medical Centre for more than 8 years.

In August last year (year 2000), my daughter gave me CELGEN tablet. I started with 2 tablets per day and eventually ended taking 9 tablets per day. Since I stared taking CELGEN, I can feel the difference. I feel more energetic and less tiring, my legs much stronger and I sleep better. Besides, I can go to toiler more regularly. And most importantly, I do not feel my regular hot flashes. In October 2000, when I visited Law Wah Ee hospital, my doctor told me that I do need any medication because amazingly my high blood pressure is now normal and my facial and skin appearance seemed to have become better and refresh.  Since my heart condition and menopause symptoms have become better I reduces my dosage by half – 1 or 2 in the morning and evening.

4. Insulin Dependent Diabetes, High Blood Pressure

Mrs. Akiko 58 years young. Japanese. Retired bank Employee.

I suffered from diabetic with high blood pressure more than 15 years ago. I have been taking medicine because of my insulin dependent diabetic and high blood pressure medicine. Someone recommended my daughter to buy Cell-Gen capsules for me. I took 6 capsules in the morning and evening for 2 months. Now my sugar level went down very much. My blood pressure improves and I hardly feel giddy and lethargic since I started taking Cell-Gen.  Nowadays, my blood pressure became normal. Diabetes became not serious. I still continuing taking CELL GEN.

5. Insulin Dependent Diabetic & High Blood Pressure

Mr. M (Indian) 49 years Businessman (Petaling Jaya, Selangor – Jalan Gasing)

Diabetes (18 to 20 dropped to 6 to 7) became normal after 3 weeks (2 bottles) and high blood pressure from over 200/90 became stabilise and normal. My Personal Physician himself could not believe there is such a thing and cure for severe insulin injection diabetic patient. I am really very happy and I brag about this matter to many of my friends when I meet them.

6. Kidney Failure – Weekly Dialysis 2 times.

Mrs. Tan (Management Staff 46 years young. Malaysian , Selangor)

I am a kidney patient and I go to the Hospital for dialysis 2 times a week since 1996. Usually a day before dialysis, I would feel very tired, lack of energy and swelling on my hands and feet. My daily urination averages about 20ml to 30ml per day. I also have constipation problem. My Doctor advised me that I should try to limit my intake of water to about 100ml per day because of my kidney. My family members and relatives have introduced to me many types of medication, health foods, herbs and many types of mushroom products including Organcally grown wheat grass, spirulina, chlorophyll, Linzhe, Shiitake, and many other types of mushroom, Noni, but all these does not help. After trying a few bottles of these products, I have never asked for additional because I could not feel or see any difference. My Doctor told me that there is no cure for people with kidney problems and for the rest of my life I will have to live my life with dialysis indefinitely.

Someone introduced CELL-GEN health food tablet from Japan. I started taking CELL-GEN since October 2000. After taking 3 bottles, I am able to urinate about 2 or 3 times a day and I started to be able to pass motion more regularly and almost every day. Since I started taking CELL-GEN, for the first time I could feel something is different about CELL-GEN. Then in December 2000 when I go for medical check up, my Doctors told me that it is very strange because it seems that my kidney seem to show some improvement because normally my Creatine level is between 1400 and 1800 but have reduced to 1055. And lately I begin to feel less lethargic on the day before my dialysis. I feel that I have more energy, have better appetite, sleep better and feel very refreshed every time after I wake up in the morning. Personally, I can feel that CELL-GEN have improved my kidney over the last 3 months. I am continuing to take CELL-GEN and hope my health will improve more.

7. Allergic to Seafood – Severe Rashes

Mrs. Lee (Management Staff 46 years young. Malaysian , Selangor)

I develop severe rashes if I eat seafood. Sometime ago, I took an Anti-Oxidant food product from Japan and it does temporarily helps to relieve the problems. While I took this SOD product, I could eat seafood and would not get any rashes. But once I stopped taking the SOD product, and eat seafood, my rashes will come back. A friend gave me CELL-GEN tablet from Japan and he told me it is very good for people with allergic. I took it for about a month and true enough, I could eat seafood without getting rashes. To make sure it is really and truly good, I tried stopping CELL-Gen a more than 1 week, I could still east seafood but without any rashes.

In fact, when I took CELL-GEN, I could feel my body energized – hardly feel lethargic even during the times when I do not have enough sleep. I have very tight and stressful lifestyle. But thanks to CELL-GEN, it helps me to keep awake and refreshed most of the time. Even when I have very short hours of sleep, I would feel very good after having very short hours of sleep.

8. High Blood Pressure 150/98 Became Normal After 2 weeks.

Mr. K.S. (Management Consultant – Over 50 years old) Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

I am a Banker with a Foreign Bank for over 25 years. Although I enjoyed my work very much, I lived a very hectic stressful. One day I decided that I would opt for early retirement and take a short break before deciding what to do with my life next.

Unfortunately, this sudden discontinuation from work, my body could not adjust to the new carefree lifestyle – I suffered high blood pressure and my Physician prescribed steroid to subdue the pressure.

My friend’s friend gave me a bottle of CELL-GEN from Japan and told me to take them because it is good and will help relief my high blood pressure.  True enough, within 1 week, I could feel the pressure reduced, but initially I could feel a little bit dizziness – I was told that it is probably due to new cell regeneration that is causing a slight dizziness. Well enough, after the next 2 to 3 weeks, it was better and my pressure became normal. I could not believe it because it is like a miracle. I am continuing to take this CELL-GEN because I have stopped taking the steroid medicine that my Doctor prescribed to me. Besides, I have better bowel and urination and am able to have better sound sleep. I also feel less tiring and refreshed most of the time.

9. High Blood Pressure

Mr. Wong (55yrs. Printing & Water Filtration System- Own Business. KL – Malaysia)

I have slight high blood pressure. Someone sold me 2 bottles of CELL-Gen tablet from Japan. I took 2 in the morning and 2 evening. Before I could finished the first bottle, I could feel my blood pressure dropped lower. I went for medical check up and my doctor told me my pressure seemed to have improved. I did not tell him about CELL-GEN because like most other Doctors, he will probably also tell me not to take it. I am happy I tried CELL-GEN because it has helped my high blood pressure become normal.

10. My Father’s Gout Improves and No More Pain

Own Business – Father Retired. Johore – Malaysia

Every month, I have to send my father to the hospital for steroid injection because of his severe gout problem. And it cost me average about RM700 to 800 every month. My main problem is not the money – I am doing my own business supplying printing and packaging materials for Industrial use. So, I am very busy and it is really taxing for me to attend to my father regularly.

When someone told me that there is a health product called CELL-GEN tablet may help relied and probably cure gout, I could believe it. But since there is not choice, I thought for just a few hundred ringgit a bottle, I should give it a try. He offered me 2 bottles at special sample price but I refused because I never thought there is such a thing as cure for gout. Anyway, it was a cheap gamble and I bought 1 bottle to give to my father to try it out. Truly amazing, after 1 week, my father said “Hey, the green tablet you gave me, really helps reduce my joint pain at my fingers. Can you buy some more of these tablets? I quickly phoned my friend to order another 2 bottles. I really could not believe that there such a thing a relief an d cure gout problems.

Already 5 months, my father is still taking CELL-GEN tablet. And now he said totally no more gout pain at all.

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