In the Beginning

According to Studies conducted by Scientist, about 9 billion years ago, the Earth was said to be a ball of fire covered with numerous forms of gaseous elements – hot like a “Ball of Fire”. Atomic particles intermingle and combined and created vast variety of chemistry and catalytic chemical reaction. It is also known that atomic particles reacts with each other and causes reaction and at the same time also create heat. Hot air rises.

When condensation occurs, clouds are formed and eventually rain. As it rained, drastic condensation occurs causing further chemical reaction on earth. Thus the earth was covered with water – like a “Ball of Water”. Just at the turn of the 4.6 billionth era, deep seas and oceans were formed, hills and mountains were created too.

Approximately around 4.6 billion years ago, the first living organism known as “micro-organism” were formed. Then the earth saw the formation of plankton and eventually the early marine plants known as marine algae (seaweeds) emerged under the sea in round about 3 billion years ago.

During this ancient era, the Earth – air was pure, water fresh and good quality. There was no land and environmental pollution, no modern days chemicals, pesticide, toxic waste and with no man-made contaminants. As such, we can confirm that marine plants (seaweeds), particularly, green-algae is natural and organic!

Birth of a Rare Active Ingredient from Mother Earth . . . . .

CELL-GEN Mineral Clay was formed between 3.6 billion and 200 million years ago. It originated from the deep sea. It is very rare and Special Ionic Mineral Clay and can be found ONLY in one region of Japan. Studies showed that the Mineral Ions of CELL-GEN Mineral Clay is from plants and is organic since more than 200 million years ago.

CELL-GEN Mineral Clay is a miraculous discovery and a Gift from Mother Nature. It is a unique kind of Clay from the Jurassic era, formed as a result of accumulated deposits of green marine algae and planktons that existed since 3.6 billion years ago.

Un-oxidized, unpolluted and with all its natural goodness, CELL-GEN Mineral Clay is a discovery of the century. Like all marine algae and plankton, it is rich in nutrients that are natural, organic and useful; especially ionic mineral and trace mineral balance that our body and cells needs to enriching and nourishing our cells and tissues.

The “Active Ingredients” used for producing filters for CELL-GEN A.H. Water Systems, including CELL-GEN Skin Care Products and CELL-GEN Tablet (Health Food Supplement) is Bio-Available. The nutrients, particularly minerals and trace elements from green marine algae are in ionic form and are food grade. It is easily absorbable by our cells and tissues when used in skin care products. The active ingredient permeates deep into the skin and helps enhance renewal of cells, anti-oxidant effects with anti-ageing benefits. It is suitable for most people, children, even those with sensitive skin.