Benefits of CELL-GEN Minerals based on a recent report on CELL-GEN Research.

(By the Late Dr Nishimuta Tadashi - Orthopaedic Centre, Kyushu, Japan)

It is extremely good news for people who suffer from modern lifestyle illnesses because CELL-GEN helps antioxidization and deoxidization effects. Studies by Dr Nishimuta Tadashi showed that most illnesses are said to have been caused by excess activated oxygen in human body, CELL-GEN Minerals can help improve their health.

Quality and Safe

This high quality drinking water is safe, non-toxic and the food supplement is rich in nutrient that can be easily absorbed and made available at reasonable price. It is a gift from Mother Nature to us and it can help us to improve and maintain our health.

Tremendous Benefits of CAH Water

When you drink Cell-Gen A.H. Water:
A) You can take well-balanced essential minerals into your body.
B) You can expect anti-oxidation effect by eliminating excess activated oxygen in your body.

Cell-Gen helps to enhance anti-oxidant enzyme and the Minerals produce activated hydrogen effects.

Here's a list of Benefits you can expect from CELL-GEN AH Water System:

  • CELL-GEN A.H. Water has very potent anti-oxidant water with deoxidization effects It helps reduces or remove free radical. Activated hydrogen eliminates activated oxygen, which is the main cause of illness
  • Provides wide range of good mineral & trace mineral balance.
  • Reduces or removes chlorine and bleaching chemicals found in tap water.
  • Water that is alkalescence in nature is better than alkaline water - very good pH balance 7.0pH - 7.8pH
  • Stabilizes and balances the body's acidity and alkalinity.
  • Has anti-bacteria effect - water with long shelf life
  • Makes water cluster smaller, maintain stability of water cluster, easily absorbed by our body
  • Compact and practical, easy to install and use with minimum maintenance.
  • Very efficient long life cartridge that gives you about 15,000 liters of quality health water.
  • Cell generating and regenerating effect of CELL-GEN A.H. Water boosts resistant level in human body.
  • Enhances digestive system in our body, controls stress and hormone balance.
  • Promotes and regenerates healthy and young skin. Works like anti-ageing water.
  • Helps body cleansing by detoxifying toxins in our body, anti-allergic effect
  • Anti-oxidant effect on food such as vegetables & fruits - keep them fresher, last longer