We owe it to ourselves and to the people around us when we give drinking water that is of good quality. Prior to this, we should ask ourselves the some questions before we decide which Water Systems we should acquire for our health and the health of all employees and persons we wish to offer drinking water.


Water Purifier & Dispenser

Normal Water Purifier and Water Dispensers

Materials used in Water filters and water dispensers are very important. Often than not, many Water Purifier sellers or resellers do not manufacture the main components of the filter and parts that claimed to provide the Unique Selling Proposition offered. As such, it is possible that they are lip-reading the information given by them from other sources. Other, due to lack of R&D, many such resellers download most information from other sources; print their brochures that sound like an excellent product on offer.

Many Water Filter Resellers have little true knowledge of water filtration materials – they merely use info given to them by third party suppliers. As such, it is not fair for such resellers to make enhancement claims due to lack of substantial R&D and product backing. This influence their understanding of the true function and capacity the material can perform so as to be able to justify product claims and usage life span.

Resellers owe it to Consumers to ensure that the materials used are truly reliable and safe.

Summary: For example, R.O. Water Vendor supplies purified drinking water but they never educate Customers that the bottles used have been used, reused and reused hundreds of times – and this is really unsafe and unhealthy. Logically, why would such company take the trouble to sell water that have been well purified and yet use unsafe and recycled water bottles?

Distilled & Reverse Osmosis

Drinking Water with low pH = Water that is Acidic in nature

Purified water or water with low pH – distilled water, R.O. water or water collected using from the humid air, condenses them and chilled it using de-vaporizer dispensers that collects such water through air humidity.

Dr. NISHIMUTA TADASHI (Orthopedic Surgeon, Kurume University, Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu, Japan) said that water that has been removed of all its minerals and nutrients tends to be more acidic. Acidic drinking water easily depletes our calcium bones and other minerals from out body, what medical specialist terms as “Ash out our body”.

Research conducted by University of California discovered that people who drink reverse osmosis water over a period of 10 to 15 years faces 45% higher risk of getting cardiac infarction, or mineral deficiency related diseases. This study links depletion of magnesium ionic mineral related to cardiac infarction patients who consumed such R.O. water

Summary: Coke and carbonated drinks has low pH making it acidic. If we drop in broken tooth into acidic water, it will melt out over a period of few weeks to a month. This is an indication that acidic water is not friendly to our bones, body and organs.

Acidic or Alkaline Water

Acidity and Alkaline Water

Dr Nishimuta Tadashi (Bone Specialist) said – it is important to drink water that is not acidic. The most suitable water should be somewhere neutral with pH about 7 up to 7.8pH. However, it is not only about Alkaline Water but more importantly, how did the water system make the water alkaline in nature!

If we put a piece of calcium tooth including mineral stones that contains calcium oxide properties, into a glass of water with acidic pH reading, the acidic water will melt out the calcium tooth & convert the water to alkaline in nature. But it does not necessarily mean that the water (after converted to alkaline in nature) is any safer to drink than it originally was.

Summary: Dr Nishimuta’s stressed on what is used to convert or processed acidic water to alkaline matters more than the base itself. What we really needed is not just calcium mineral to make alkaline water, but rather a broad spectrum of minerals and trace mineral element that are natural and food grade. To absorb minerals and form bones, we need more than just calcium, we need a set of minerals together with essential vitamins, enzymes other nutrients.

Dr. Shirahata Sanetaka Dept. of Genetics & Resource Engineering, Kyushu University

NATURAL ACTIVATED HYDROGEN WATER” which was tested and certified by Dr. SHIRAHATA SANETAKA showed that if minerals that are natural and never been oxidized or ionized, will cause catalytic ionization when it comes into contact with water. During such catalytic ionization, the water becomes naturally active, like those found in Natural Healing water taken from Natural Healing Wells. Hence it will help the body to reduce oxidation of cells which is a form of Catalytic Anti-Ageing. The mineral from seaweed, micro-algae and phyto-planktons makes up at least more than 20 elements and trace elements that are food grade and friendly to human cells. These kinds of minerals are commonly found in healthy human cells and plants.

Dr. Hideo Minato (Tokyo University)

He said that minerals in ionic form are important in order to create easier absorption of nutrients and enzymes during digestion and metabolism process. Every sicknesses and modern day lifestyle illness and allergies can be linked to some form of mineral and mineral deficiency or MINERAL UNBALANCE. According to Dr. Hideo Minato and Dr. Nishimuta Tadashi, CELL-GEN provides at least 40% of our body’s daily ionic mineral needs if consumed improper balance and quantity.

Dr. Hayashi (Hyogo University)

His studies showed that Free Radicals in our body attacks healthy cells in our body and eventually distort or destroy and kill our cells. This is a sign of “AGEING”. He further studied that “Water with Active Hydrogen Ions and Active Hydroxyl Ions” will chemically in its natural course, attached itself to Free radicals in our body and reduce the danger caused by such free radicals whilst at the same time convert such free radicals into “Pure Water” at cellular level – this is the true meaning of “CELLULAR HYDRATION”.

The Cell-Gen Difference

The key ingredient used in our water filter system is safe, health enhancing and has verifiable quality standard. This will enable you and your Customers to drink highest quality water that contained rich source of natural ionic mineral and trace mineral, just like those you get from natural miracle healing wells.