Interview with TOPIC

Extract of Japanese Journal “TOPIC” – March 1999 Issue (pages 88 and 89)

Editor: We Interview 68 years old, Honorary Professor, Dr. Tadashi Nishimuta of Kurume University of Medicine, Kyushu, Japan who was a Surgeon at Medical Centre in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.  Project on CELL-GEN ASHITABA was initiated and formulated by Dr. Nishimuta and his Team of Professors.


Dr. Nishimuta :It was about 20 years ago when an 85 years old man whom I knew very well, showed me some kind of grey-greenish clay like mineral substance that he soaked in a kettle of water. He said that drinking this water prevents sickness like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and also heals many kinds of diseases.  As a Medical Surgeon and Medical Practitioner, I found it is very difficult to believe this story – so at the back of my mind I laughed at his story especially at the thought of this strange Clay like mineral substance in the kettle of water can prevent cancer and other diseases. Then there is no need for Doctors”. Even if I am not a Surgeon, it is an unbelievable story. But Dr. Nishimuta could not forget that the same old man could run up a staircase in a 5-storey building. That old man looked healthy indeed and looked even 20 years younger than his actual age.

A few years later, Dr. Nishimuta discovered that someone he knew, who was a Professor in Medicine suffered from cancer. He was 70 years of age. The cancer in his rectum was as big as the size of 3 eggs and has spread to his liver.  For such a case, a Doctor would normally diagnosed “about 6 months to live or at most 1 year”. And being a Doctor himself, knowing the seriousness of the situation, this man refused to take any anti-cancer medicine or radio- active treatment, instead he concentrated living the best quality of life left for him.

Dr. Nishimuta remembered the story he heard from the old man 10 years ago. Immediately he started a research on the mineral water, proved its safety and he drank the water to make sure it is really safe. Then he recommended it to his friend by saying, “I drank this Mineral Water and I can sleep very well. It regulates better motion and good for the skin. It is good for health for sure, if it does not work on cancer”.


Editor Q:  What Happened then?

Dr. Nishimuta A: After 2 months later, this friend was discharged from the hospital and could resume back his work. Even though he was diagnosed as ONLY 6 months more to live, he is still surviving even after more than 18 years.  Surprised, Dr. Nishimuta asked a Pathological Doctor, Dr. Hideo Minato, Honorary Professor of Tokyo University to analyse this Clay-like mineral substance and at the same time asked some of the cancer patients that he knew were in their final stage, to drink the similar type of specially prepared mineral water samples. These people who were told by their Doctors that they can only live about a few months.  But 4 out of 5 survived even after 18 years later. These people suffered from breast cancer, liver-cancer and leukimia.

Dr. Nishimuta said: This Clay-like mineral substance contains well balanced mineral as it is obtained from beneath the bottom of the ancient sea, older than 100’s of million years. It can be easily absorbed by the human body and catalytically IONIZED when combined with water. About 100’s of millions years ago, when life started its origin, it was in the sea. It is also said that water in a mother’s womb is like seawater at the bottom of the seabed. It shows that the mineral taken from the sea sediment may contain such mineral that the human body needs since then origin of its life history.

Test Analysis showed that it is rich in Calcium, Potassium, Silica, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Sodium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Germanium, Curium, Selenium, Rubidium, Zirconium, Stanum, Silver, Gold, Lithium and many others, these are indeed a treasure of rare elements.  Dr. Nishimuta started developing this product as a food supplement – not a medicine because further study is needed to unfold the truth as to why and how it worked on cancer patients. BUT he is sure that certainly it encourages production of new cells and stimulates the power of natural recovery.


The Balance Cancer Left in the Body is Shrunk after 1 month

A Doctor diagnosed Mr. M, aged 68 years old, from Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan and told him that he suffered lung cancer two years ago (in May 1997). Soon he underwent a surgery but the Doctor only managed to remove ONE THIRD of his cancer during the 10 hours operation. Family members were notified that Mr. M would live only 3 months, maximum 5 months.

Under such circumstances, members of the family of the patient would search for anything workable, however expensive it may cost, as long as it is good for cancer treatment.  This family came to know of CELL GEN Tablet developed by Dr. Nishimuta.

Mr. M showed remarkable recovery after taking this food supplement – 8 tablets each in the morning and at night. He easily survived after the ill-fated 5 months. The Surgeon (Doctor) even mentioned that the cancer remained in his body had shrunk within one month after the surgery.

Obviously it is going to be difficult to prove that this result is solely because of CELL GEN but Mr. M believes in it and always carry CELL GEN with him every where he goes.

Dr. Nishimuta humbly mentioned that CELL GEN is not only for cancer patient but many others consumed this product to maintain good health. He heard many consumers suffered from various types of sickness like Menopause symptoms, high blood pressure, hepatitis, cirrhosis and so on.

Many food supplements claimed to be good to treat cancer are often sold at very high costs, but CELL GEN is sold at Japanese Yen 10,980 for 1 month’s supply. If is affordable even for long term.

Dr. Nishimuta says “As a Medical Surgeon, for a long time I did not believe in Food Supplement. But after CELL Gen I have changed and I myself often thought of how medicine study should be conducted in the future at my age. I hope I have contributed to those younger generation of Doctors”. He is now planning to develop cosmetic products as well as medicine from this same mineral sea sediment.

Our lifetime is limited. We cannot afford to wait until someone develops a new almighty cancer medicine or something similar. Many people think they would like to try or hope to try and find whatever is good for health, even food supplement.