Origin of CELL-GEN Mineral

About 3.5 billion years, since life formed, (human beings) was borne on this planet, evolution of living creatures continued. The Origin of live on earth evolved from this Ancient Sea. The Structure of Life forms, in another word, is known as the “INNER SEA” which contains lots of elements. Studies revealed that the structure of such life forms have similar characteristics to the structure of life forms of Ancient sea. Ancient life forms contain some one hundred over elements.

Among them, it is known that about 30 types of elements are necessary for human survival. Most of these 30 types of elements are minerals. Minerals are necessary for our body although the amount is very little. It plays important roles for us to live a healthier life. Therefore, we observe many changes to our health depending on whether we have sufficient minerals or not.

One of the ingredients of CELL GEN is mineral taken from sea sediments layer that contains a lot of ancient living creatures that settled about billions of years ago. Furthermore, CELL Gen contains those minerals in its most natural forms, not affected by heat or pressure.

Necessary Minerals for the Body


Human body consisted of many tissues and these tissues are groups of cells. Cells contain molecules like KAKUSAN, protein, fat and so on and those molecules are formed by elements. We can say that our body is an aggregation (gathering) of elements.

In the case of human body, there are 11 MAIN ELEMENTS – hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, sulphur, chlorine, potassium and calcium. There are 9 MINOR ELEMENTS – chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, zinc, copper, selenium, molybdenum and iodine. These are the 20 essential elements in the human body.  LATEST study showed 6 additional minerals that includes fluorine, silicon, vanadium, nickel, arsenic and tin.

There are some other minerals still under study like lithium, germanium, bromine, libidium, paradium, cadmium, lead etc., that in the near future can be added in as essential elements. CELL GEN contains most of these minerals, well balanced and is easy to be absorbed by the human body.

Cell-Gen Ionic Minerals



Scientific studies and test showed that if minerals are processed into IONIC form, they absorb better as compared to normal mineral element. And they become extremely potent and effective in helping to replenish the mineral shortage in the body, tissues and cells.

Through the mineral content of CELL GEN, according to the analyses carried out on it, we can extrapolate the properties of these particular IONIC minerals:

  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Sensitises to UV light
  • Acts on the metabolism of the skin
  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-allergic
  • Sedative
  • Strengthens the tissues
  • Desensitises the mucous membranes
  • Is good for eczemas
  • Helps tissue reconstruction
  • Aids the formation of keratin
  • Regenerates the cells of the skin
  • Is analgesic in arthritis and arthritis
  • Alleviates psoriasis
  • Is antibiotic.

To a lesser degree:

  • Recuperates eroded areas of skin
  • Acts to reassert skin
  • Helps to eliminate greasiness and scurf.